What is Simcity


So, what is SimCity?  Well, this is the new SimCity 2013 that gives unheard of depth in simulation. The virtual world and incredible detail in the simulation make this essentially the most receptive and personal Simcity ever made.

SimCity Awards won

The game is also incredibly expansive, allowing a whole region to be controlled.  This offers true multi-city scale, allowing the player to play with a single city or even up to 16 cities at once, each with different specialisations!  The new SimCity finally offers what everyone has been longing for – Multiplayer!
Multiplayer is a first for the SimCity series, and adds a whole new dimension to the game, since your decisions will impact both your city and your region, creating new ways to play through collaboration or competing to earn achievements.
SimCity is also a live service, which means it will be constantly updating in realtime with new features and content!

How to Download SimCity?

SimCity can be purchased as a full digital download, direct from BuySimCity.com.

First, you need to simply add the product to cart.  You can find SimCity Limited Edition for sale on the website here:

After you add to the cart, checkout and pay, you will receive a unique activation code for the game via your payment Email Address.  This unique activation code is your unique and unused license key for SimCity.  It can only be used once.

Once you’ve received your activation code, the code can be entered into a free Game Download Manager called Origin.  Origin will allow you to redeem the SimCity code, for a legal digital PC download of SimCity.

Once you’ve added the game to Origin (available free at Origin.com) you can simply download the game with no further fuss.  Once it’s downloaded, you can play!

What is the point of this website?

BuySimCity.com is a website owned by CJS CD Keys.  We are dedicated to providing SimCity CD Keys that function on Origin at an affordable price.  We’re a licensed and authorised vendor of game license keys.  This means that we source the codes from the official EA Distributor and re-sell the licenses digitally via the internet.  The game license keys that we sell can be used on Origin in order to redeem a full PC download of SimCity.

Buying from BuySimCity.com is better than buying a boxed version of the game, since you can get the game instantly after your payment as a full download.  This means that within 30 minutes you can be in the game and playing! Much quicker than waiting for the game to arrive in the mail, huh?

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