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Who provides the Download?

Origin do.  BuySimCity.com is run by the same company as CJS-CDKeys.com.  We merely sell the license keys for the game.  The digital download service is provided by Origin.  Origin is the name of the digital download service of EA Games (The publisher of SimCity).

This means that when you pay us, we will sell you a brand new and unique activation code for SimCity.  You can use this unique activation code to get a digital download of the game, by entering the code into the official Origin website under the ‘Redeem a Code’ section.

After you’ve redeemed your Simcity CD Key, you will get a full digital download.

Is it all above board and legal?

Of course.  We are the same people as CJS CD Keys, a major game key distributor.  Each product key we sell is unique and unused, bought from official distributors within the EU.  Our activation codes for SimCity are Region Free, so the digital download will work no matter what country you are from.

Our mother-site, CJS CD Keys, has been around since November 2009 and has since grown to become one of the largest activation CD Key stores online today.  You can check out our huge Facebook Page, or read some of our 4000+ reviews on independent review website Trustpilot here:

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